Before I purchased my dSLR, I really enjoyed film photography.  There is a feeling that cannot be captured any other way.

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“Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film.”

-Author Unknown

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Dog Days

Just a few things that I love and look forward to this summer.  Also, here’s a playlist of songs I can’t stop listening to as I impatiently await summer.

Summer Awaits.  Click below for playlist.

 Standalone player

I hope everyone else enjoys their summer!

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.”
— Bern Williams


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Turning Over a New Leaf


Things have really been a whirlwind in my life.  Haven’t written in this blog since January, and a lot has been going on:

  • I graduated from college!  More info on my about me page.
  • During the semester I had been applying to tons of dance-related internships, and in July I will be heading to Lewiston, Maine as an arts administration intern for Bates Dance Festival!
  • Danced my heart out—it was lovely.
  • From the photo above, I also purchased a new camera!  Just a starter Canon Rebel XS since I have never used a dSLR before.  Learning as I go along.

But within all of this greatness, comes some bad things too.  I recently (as of yesterday) had to move back in with my mother, due to the ending of a three-year relationship.  It is still very fresh and things are very rough for me right now.  I’m sad enough to say that the blog right now is sort of a distraction point.

This blog is going to become more freeform as I can not become to tied into it—but also helps me express something/anything.  I’m leaving it with this quote, which is relieving but also painfully true.

“Relationships are like glass.  Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.”  -Unknown

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